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Website: http://www.porometer.com/
Contact:  Eline Pattyn
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +32 9 252 25 35

Nieuwe Steenweg 20A
Nazareth, 9810

POROMETER is part of the APTCO INVEST Technology and Innovation Group. APTCO is a diverse, international group of companies active in the distribution, manufacturing, service and support of scientific instruments and equipment. APTCO’s member companies boast activity in analytical and materials characterization technologies (BENELUX SCIENTIFIC Group) and life sciences, bio-banking and diagnostics (SOPACHEM Group).

POROMETER is a global market leader in pore size measurement by capillary flow porometry and fluid expulsion techniques. Bubble point, permeability, mean flow pore size, and other related properties are the focus of our technologies.  POROMETER has assembled the leading experts in characterization by these techniques and offers the most comprehensive line of products, and the most application and fundamental knowledge in the industry.  At POROMETER our experiences in this market go back to the 1980’s in pore size measurement by fluid flow methods.  The team is a unique collection of experienced, accomplished scientists, engineers, chemists working in close unison.

Quality and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of our business philosophies – our every priority is oriented to deliver superior results.

Successful integration of scientific and technical experts in this discipline, along with an engineering team that accepts no compromises with respect to design details, and reliability yields a truly inspiring level of customer satisfaction following from flawless instrument performance and customer service experiences.  Pore size and permeability instruments from POROMETER carry a promise –  customers will not struggle to reproduce data, to understand results, or to compare results from different instruments, from different operators, on different devices!  Customers will receive stable, reliable, consistent, easy to understand results in the fastest, most economical way possible, and for any required support, we have a full staff of always available experts!