AFS Honorific Awards
AFS annually honors those who have made contributions to the AFS Society and the filtration and separation industry with the following awards. Below is a summary of each award.*Please note that not all awards have a recipient each year.

Honorific Awards Nomination Form

Life Time Achievement Award - For Exceptional Career and Valuable Contributions to the Filtration and/or Separations Industry
The Lifetime Achievement Award is the premier award given by AFS and was created to honor those who have had an exceptional career and have made valuable contributions to the filtration and/or separations industry.

Recent Recipients:
2024 - Dr. Wu Chen

Fellow – Superior Contributions of Organization and Leadership
The Fellow Member Award was established in 1996 to honor individuals who have made superior contributions of organization and leadership to Society for many years. Fellows are entitled to a lifetime membership enjoying all the benefits of regular membership with waived annual dues. Fellows may attend AFS-sponsored conferences with a waiver of registration fees. 

Recent Recipients:

2023 - Mr. Tom Ramsey
2021 - Dr. Wenping Li
2019 - Dr. Christine Sun
2017 - Mr. Ken Rubow
2016 - Mr. Mark Willingham

Frank Tiller Award – Leadership in Engineering and Education
Named in honor of Dr. Frank Tiller, the internationally acclaimed “Father of Modern Filtration Theory” and key founding member of the AFS, this award highlights scientific merit. The TILLER AWARD recognizes individuals for outstanding lifetime scientific and engineering achievements in the Technology of Fluid-Particle Separation. 

Recent Recipients: 
2024 - Dr.Tinoush Dinn

2023 - Mr. Peter Cartwright
2021 - Dr. Martin Lehmann
2015 - Dr. Wallace Leung

2014 - Dr. Wenping Li
2013 - Dr. Barry Verdigan

Wells Shoemaker Award
The Wells Shoemaker Award was established in 1989 and named after a key-founding member of the AFS society.  He epitomizes the characteristics of leadership and service.  This award recognizes individuals for a lifetime of outstanding leadership and exceptional service to the American Filtration & Separations Society, which have resulted in significant and demonstrable benefits to the Society's members.

Recent Recipients
2024 - Mr. Chris Wallace

2023 - Dr. Sneha Swaminathan
2021 - Mr. Rob Bender
2014 - Mr. Ray Collins
2010 - Mr. Jerry Lynch

2009  - Mr. Lew Osterhoudt

Senior Scientist – For Significant Contributions to the Technology of Filtration and Separation
The Senior Scientist Award was established in 1999 to honor individuals in the middle of their careers who make a significant contribution to the Technology of Filtration and Separation.  

Recent Recipients:
2024 - Dr. Ashish Bandekar

2023 - Dr. Lin Zhao
2019 - Dr. Rahul Bharadwaj

2018 - Dr. Swarna Agarwal
2017 - Dr. Shagufta Patel

Young Scientist – For Important Contributions to the Technology of Filtration and Separation
The Young Scientist Award was established in 1999 to honor individuals at the beginning of their career who have made important contributions to the Technology of Filtration and Separation.  

Recent Recipients: 
2024 - Dr. Jianyu "Jerry" Zhou
2024 - Dr. Harshal Gade
2023 - Dr. Ashish Gadhave
2021 - Dr. Lin Zhao
2019 - Dr. Ashish Bandekar

2018 - Dr. Dinesh Lolla
2017 -Dr. Sarfarez Patel

Prof. George Chase Award - For Excellence in Academic Research 
Named in honor of Professor George Chase for many contributions by himself and his students to AFS and to the filtration and separations profession. The CHASE AWARD, established in 2021, was created to honor academic researchers and their students that make significant contributions to the filtration and separations profession. The AFS will bestow one award per year when a deserving candidate dui, professor and student, are available.

Recent Recipients:
2024 - Dr. Pratik Gotad, Prof. Sadhan Jana, University of Akron

2021 - Dr. Ashish Gadhave, Prof. George Chase, University of Akron
2023 - Dr. Mohammad Jamali, Prof. Hooman Tafreshi, North Carolina State University

New Product of the Year
New products, new ideas, new ways to look at old problems are key to the future. To encourage innovative and technological advances in filtration and separation the AFS Users Committee initiated an annual New Product of the Year and Engineering Merit award for the company making the most significant new product introduction in the previous year. Award winners are recognized at the FiltCon Awards Luncheon.

Any new technical product that was first marketed between January 1, and December 31 of the previous year may be entered. Products that will not be mass-produced must have become available for contract or licensing during that period. 

Entries may be submitted by individuals or organizations one entry per product. There is no limit to the number of products that may be entered.

2024 New Product for 2023 - GKD-USA - Filter Concept Using VORTEX
2024 Engineering Merit Award of 2024 - MayAir - Constant-Efficient Intelligent HEPA Box and Return Air Inlet
2023 New Product Award for 2022 - Ahlstrom, Ahlstrom ECO
2023 Engineering Merit Award for 2022 - Spectubular Technologies - Precision Micro-Cut Filter Tubes
2023 Engineering Merit Award for 2022 - Parker Hannifin Corp, BHA® Wicked High Temp™ Pleated Filter
2021 New Product Award for 2020 - Porometer, Porolux™ 50
2021 Engineering Merit Award for 2020 - Dorstener Wire, RoSL 700 - Assonic DST
2020 New Product Award for 2019 - Filtration Technology Corp., Invicta®
2019 New Product Award for 2018 - Ahlstrom-MunksjÖ, Extia®1000
2019 Engineering Merit Award for 2018 - Croft Filters, Quick Release Filter
2018 New Product Award for 2017 - MANN+HUMMEL, GmbH, IQORON VP Air Cleaner
2017 New Product Award for 2016 - GKD, Porometric Woven Wire Mesh
2017 Engineering Merit Award for 2016 - Cummins, Fleetguard® Centrifuge Rotor, Part Number CS41018
2017 Engineering Merit Award for 2016 - Parker Hannifin, Parker Zander OFAS Dryer
2017 Engineering Merit Award for 2016 - Hollingsworth & Vose, FS6786, FS 6783, FS6781 High Efficiency Fuel Media
2017 Engineering Merit Award for 2016 - BHS Sonthofen, BHS Concentrating Filtration System
2017 Engineering Merit Award for 2016 - Delta Pure, Delta Pure Filtration FF Series

2017 Engineering Merit Award for 2016 - Hollingsworth & Vose, FS6786, FS 6783, FS6781 High-Efficiency Fuel Media