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Website:  www.polyset.com
Contact:  Nil Ghoshal
Phone:  (518) 664-6000
Email:  [email protected]

Polyset is leading custom formulator and manufacturer of high-performance polyurethane adhesive, elastomer, and foam systems for a variety of commercial and industrial filter applications.

Our two-component polyurethane systems meet many strict requirements including:

  • Ultra-low outgassing and fire retardancy for HEPA filters
  • Excellent chemical/high temperature resistance for Oil/Gas filtration
  • Chlorine and mildew/mold growth resistance for Pool/Spa filters
  • High penetration, minimal veining, and blister free for Reverse Osmosis/Ultra Filtration applications

Our polyurethane adhesives feature soft to rigid durometers, excellent physical properties, super adhesion to a variety of substrates, are low viscosity to thixotropic, and able to meet a variety of FDA, NSF, and RoHS requirements.

Polyset is an ISI 9001:2015 certified company.