AFS Adds New Virtual Course: What Are Filter Aids, and How Can They Improve Your Filtration?

On July 21, from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. central time, the American Filtration & Separations Society (AFS) will launch a new virtual course, “What Are Filter Aids, and How Can They Improve Your Filtration?” This course will be taught by industry expert Wenping Li, R & D Director of Agrilectric Research Company, where she oversees product development and application, product quality and filtration lab management.

This course is designed for filtration professionals who are dealing with difficult-to-filter materials, such as colloids, fine, flocculated or gel-like particles, or highly viscous fluids. These types of materials tend to cause problems such as low filtration rate, poor filtrate quality, wet filter cake, a quick increase of pump pressure, short filtration time in a filtration cycle and difficult cake release. These problems are normally due to high filtration resistance either from filter media clogging or the formation of highly resistant or highly compactible filter cakes, and the solution may very well be using a filter aid.

This two-hour course focuses on using a filter aid to solve problems when filtering difficult-to-filter materials. Mechanisms, characteristics and types of filter aids will be introduced, followed by filter aid selection, lab tests, plant trials. and case applications.

The course is designed for design and operations engineers, technical sales, consultants and integrators and large filter system owners. After completing this course, attendees will be able to understand filter aid technology and terminology, recognize available, basic materials, grasp filter aid properties, including material applications and grading and technical properties, and be familiar with performance and specification of filter aids.

Course fees are $245 for members and $295 for nonmembers. All employees of corporate sponsors are eligible for the member rate. Register here.

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