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Agrilectric Research
PO Box 3716
Lake Charles, LA 70602

Agrilectric Research Company is a world-renowned quality Rice Hull Ash (RHA) manufacturer since 1984.

Agrilectric® RHA from Agrilectric’s proprietary combustion technology is an amorphous silica material from renewable resource with natural and pure chemical composition. It is a green filter media of highly porous structure, high permeability and filtration efficiency. For decades, it has been used as a filter aid l for industrial water and waste water treatment, and chemical product and process filtrations, such as PTMEG, lube oil, cooking oil, biodiesel filtration, etc.  The main products for applications include:

MaxFlo and MaxFlo Xs: basic filter aid products with different size ranges for water, wastewater, oil, chemical, petrochemical, food, beverage, pharmaceutical applications involving filtration and separation;

MaxFlo Klear: dust controlled MaxFlo products designed as sand filter precoat or filter aids for DE or candle filter for swimming pool water application

MaxFlo Profix: filtration and heavy metal or hazardous material fixation. Cake passes TCLP test.

MaxFlo SF: Self flocculated MaxFlo products.

Agrilectric continues to expand its research in filtration product development along with committed support to its customers. Our technical and R&D team is available to work with you on your filtration needs. Please contact us at 337-430-0006, or visit our website at